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Mari Yapı A.Ş. has been providing active services within the scope of urban transformation in the construction and real estate sector in the Kağıthane region since 2008. Combining urban transformation with the premium concept, Mari Yapı aims to make everyone a home owner with accessible facilities in the city center.

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Green Areas


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It is not too late to become a homeowner from the project, which promises a luxurious, safe and peaceful life and consists of 500 units, our project sales continue.

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Green Spaces
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One of the most important features of Mari Yapı is that it offers gym services in its buildings. In this way, people living in the buildings built by Mari Yapı have the opportunity to do sports without moving away from anywhere to meet their fitness and exercise needs. 

Green Spaces

Mari Yapı attaches great importance to the sustainability of green areas and the protection of natural life. For this reason, we take care to create large green areas around the buildings we build. Mari Yapı's green areas not only protect the natural life but also increase the aesthetic appearance of the buildings we build. In these areas, there are many different activity options such as children's playgrounds, walking paths and seating areas.

Swiming Pools

Mari Yapı is also very successful in swimming pools. The swimming pools in our buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, we provide an ideal environment for both professional swimmers and swimming enthusiasts. We also attach great importance to ensuring that our swimming pools provide a clean and hygienic environment. Our pools are cleaned and maintained in accordance with strict hygiene rules. Mari Yapı's swimming pools offer our customers a healthy and fun swimming experience

Hobby Room

We provide social spaces for all kinds of interests. Our hobby rooms are specially designed for our customers who are interested in activities such as music, painting, gaming or yoga. In these areas, you can spend a pleasant time by spending time for your own hobbies. Whether you explore your creativity or take up a new hobby, our hobby rooms are an option that will add color to your lives.

Panoramic Tour

You can visit the magnificent structures of the Mari Building with the panoramic tour on the right side

Proximity to shopping malls, which serve an important function in Istanbul for socializing and meeting many needs such as food, clothing and entertainment from the same point, is another privilege of those living in Mari Yapı buildings.

In addition to shopping malls in our district such as Vadi AVM and Axis AVM, Zorlu AVM in neighboring regions; Reaching alternatives such as Özdilek Park, İstinye Park, Cevahir AVM, Kanyon AVM is very easy and comfortable for those living in Mari Yapı projects. Because Mari Yapı projects are located in the heart of the city, allowing to integrate with the city quickly and in a short time for all kinds of needs.

Acting with the awareness of how important health is, Mari Yapı prioritizes the positioning of the buildings it constructs to provide easy access to health services.

Mari Yapı's projects offer health assurance to its residents thanks to its proximity to the most important and largest hospitals in Istanbul. The most important health centers of not only Istanbul, but also Türkiye and the European continent are just a few minutes away from you...

Those living in Mari Yapı projects, which are 4 minutes away from Cemil Taşçıoğlu City Hospital, 5 minutes away from Türkiye Hospital, 6 minutes away from Memorial City Hospital, 7 minutes away from Florence Nightingale Hospital, 10 minutes away from American Hospital and 15 minutes away from Liv Hospital Hospital. In emergency situations, they can access fast and effective healthcare services without wasting much time.

We are aware of the importance of being close to educational institutions, especially for families. Located in the heart of Istanbul, Mari Yapı projects are either adjacent to important educational institutions or at a point that can be reached within half an hour at most. Istanbul Kent University, Atlas University, Istinye University Department of Foreign Languages are located within the borders of Kağıthane. In addition, proximity to locations such as Şişli, Maslak, Sarıyer and Levent, which host other higher education institutions, ensures that residents of Mari Yapı projects have rich options in their search for educational institutions.

Not only universities, but also academies, life workshops and child development units are among the educational opportunities offered by Kağıthane. Kağıthane Disabled Center, Mavi Sports, Bilmer Academy, İshatech Academy, Safir Life Workshop, Çözüm Temel High School, 70. Yıl Cumhuriyet Okmeydanı Education Center, İsmek Child Development School, Daylight Education Centers are just a few of the countless opportunities the district offers you.

Of course, it is a privilege to be close to Europe's largest palace of justice. While the proximity to the Istanbul Palace of Justice offers an easy solution to the transportation problems of legal professionals such as lawyers and judges, this is also a convenience that cannot be ignored for those who are somehow involved in a legal struggle. At the same time, from an investment perspective, we should not forget the contribution of such large investments to the real estate values of the region.

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Shopping Centers
City Hospital
Education Institutions
Palace of Justice

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